Agatha Christie's disappearance, The Springfield Three, Fort Worth Missing Trio and other unusual missing cases.

The Springfield Three, Fort Worth Missing Trio, Agatha Christie’s Disappearance and other cases. Last Edition:

Unsolved Fort Worth Missing Trio Case : Part 2

47 years after the disappearance of Rachel Trlica Renee Wilson and Julie Ann Moseley, Law Enforcement has never arrested or named anyone in the case. The press has not revealed any names of witnesses, nor even interviewed witnesses (even anonymously). Sorting out.

The Fort Worth Trio still Missing

A missing case until now unsolved. In December 1974, three young girls, Rachel Trlica, Renee Wilson and Julie Ann Moseley, vanished from a shopping mall the day before Christmas Eve.

The Springfield Three Odd Mysteries

Did the The Springfield Three vanished from a dwelling house or not? Was it linked to the East Delmar Street Mysteries ? In-Depth series about this 30 years unsolved case.

In-Depth of The Springfield Three case

Two recent graduates of a Missouri school, Suzanne “Suzie” Streeter, Stacy McCall, and Suzanne’s mother, Sherrill Levitt, have not been heard from, since one night in June 1992. It is believed that they disappeared together from the house in which Suzanne and her mother had been living for less than two months. Here is the continuation of an […]

Back in Time to Springfield, MO and Fort Worth, TX, with Street View

For some years now, Internet users have been able to navigate in the planet recent history, thanks to a button located in Google Street View. One can discover old photos taken since the launch of this service, in May 2007. Traveling virtually in the past and then coming back to our time is therefore possible on some roads […]

The Springfield Three : Cars at the Heart of the Mystery

After nearly 30 years of mystery, no one knows what happened to the three missing women in Springfield Missouri on June 7, 1992. In this stunning missing persons case, vehicles are at the heart of the mystery. In the early evening of Saturday, June 6, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall arrived with their respective cars at the Kirby […]


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